Pennine Fell Runners

How to update your details

Are the details which Pennine hold for you up-to-date?

Pennine Fell Runners have a policy which dictates how the club can use your personal information - you can find out all about this on our Personal Data Policy page. Basically we need this information to keep you informed of events and other issues concerning fell-running, but also we might need some contact information, for instance your mobile number, if you were involved in an emergency during one of our events.

However, there is no compulsion for you to hand over this information - the legal basis under which we hold and use the data is based upon consent, and you can, if you wish, withhold that consent. But, obviously, if you don't consent, then you may not always be aware of some of the events which Pennine organise, and we might have extra difficulties in the unlikely event of us dealing with an emergency.

So, if we do hold data on your behalf, it is important that the data is all up-to-date and correct.

If you ever need to check to see exactly what data Pennine holds on your behalf, simply email membership secretary and ask.

But if you do need to amend or update what we hold, please use the Pennine Renewal Form to do this. This will alert us to the fact that a change needs to be made and, for security purposes, we will email you back asking for confirmation that it is indeed you requesting the change before we implement it.