Pennine Fell Runners

Pennine Winter Handicap Series
Pennine Handicap - Race 7 – Saturday 24th February 2018

Venue – Crag Inn, Wildboarclough     Organiser : Noel Curtis

The 2018 Wildboarclough handicap has a slight twist on the standard format.
As in previous years, it starts and finishes at the Crag Inn, Wildboarclough (SJ 981 684).
There are nine controls to find, all of which will have an orienteering-style punch, and the controls can be visited in any order.
Here's the twist: you only need to visit eight of the controls - so you can decide which one to miss out.
Most of the controls are easy to find, and most of the running is on good tracks or open ground. There are some genuine tussocky fell bits (for those that enjoy that type of thing) but these can be avoided or minimised based on your route choice.

It's about 12.5km with 600m of ascent

Start/Finish : Crag Inn 981 684

1. 975695 West side of stile
2. 969700 Boards over stream/reedbed junction
3. 979697 North side of gate
4. 995706 Derelict wall corner
5. 998716 Fence corner above gully
6. 002702 South-west end of sheep pen
7. 997696 Stile
8. 994685 East end of duck boards nearest road
9. 984682 Signpost in reeds near path junction

Your map will serve as your control card, so a poly bag would be a good idea.